Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends,

We hope all is well with you.

WOW! What an AWESOME and INCREDIBLE last few weeks it has been for us here at The Hope. Just imagine how our Mission of Hope scholars have felt as we have awarded them their scholarships.

I wish every single Mission of Hope friend could be present when we make these presentations. It is so important that we care enough to go and award them in person, and we\’re grateful to do it. The thank you\’s are heartwarming and an affirmation that our students and families truly appreciate us.

May I humbly appeal for your financial donations to allow us to be able to \”Keep Fulfilling Dreams\”? If you have already donated, thank you for deeming this extremely special program worthy of your gifts. To donate, please call the Mission of Hope office at: 865-584-7571 or visit our web-site at: You may also mail your donations to: Mission of Hope – P.O. Box 51824 – Knoxville, TN 37950.

We are so humbly grateful and appreciative of the privilege to serve God\’s people in rural Appalachia. Thank you for your friendship and support, but thanks most of all for helping us extend True and Genuine HOPE in so many truly special ways.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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