The trees are red and orange.

Greetings Dear Friends…From The HOPE.

And may I be one of the first to say, Happy Fall.

There\’s just something wondrously incredible about the day…the first day of fall. At the Thompson home we anxiously await its arrival each and every year. The excitement even building up to it is something special that we all truly treasure. The anticipation of those cool and brisk mornings and the chill of our breaths is a joy to us. And the aromas and sounds and incredible array of colors just absolutely blesses our hearts.

Could I humbly appeal to you, to simply stop and cherish every single day of this Season of Awe. Enjoy a drive in the mountains, take a hike or walk, go camping, build a fire in the fireplace, go to a fall festival or crafts fair, find a quiet place, or simply relax‚Ķand acknowledge God\’s amazing creation. You might be surprised to learn that one of God\’s most special gifts is around our every movement. And then remember to simply say thank you God for your amazing hands of creation and blessing.

May God put a peace in your heart and give you His hope each and every day.

Sincerest Regards & Appreciation;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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