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Greetings Dear Friends…From The HOPE.

We have been blessed and privileged to help extend true hope in many ways. And we got to do that again this week in the way of building a much needed handicap ramp for a lady in Scott County, TN who has some very serious health challenges. We never charge the person or family. We construct these ramps for and the Mission of Hope pays for all of the needed building materials. But on this special day the lady we built it for treated us to homemade biscuits and honey that she and her husband produced and then served us hot dogs with homemade chili and sauerkraut. It was her way of simply saying thank you.


A special thank you from me to all of our MOH Ramp Team heroes that went with me and built an incredible and very solid deck and ramp: Barry Ownby – Captain, Jack Welch, Dennis Carwille, George Cooper, and Don Peek. After we finished building the ramp, we gathered with this dear couple and made sure they knew that the real reason we come was in God\’s Love, and then we prayed for them. It was a long and hard working day, but we all agreed it was a blessed tiredness we shared and our Hearts were overloaded with true joy.

Thanks for your friendship & support and for all you do to help us extend The HOPE.

Sincerest Regards…Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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