Greetings, Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

We have been so blessed over the years, to work with a group of what I often lovingly refer to as \”God\’s Frontline Foot Soldiers\” in rural Appalachia. They’re the men and women who lead the Mountain Ministry Centers we assist and serve.  And they are the True Heroes of ministry work in their Communities. Let me share with you an incredible story about one of them, Brother Norman Cornelius.

My dear friend Cliff Overby and I were with Brother Norman a few weeks ago in Bell County, KY. We were there to view and evaluate our upcoming Repair Fair project. While there, Norman received a very distressing phone call from a young man who was very depressed and discouraged and desperate and was seriously considering ending his life.  Norman proceeded to calm the young man, contact some others in ministry he knew that were near this young man, and then direct them to this young man. After our meeting, Norman went to this young man and proceeded to reach out to him and even get him some temporary housing and a good meal and give him God inspired words of counseling and encouragement.

Well I just got off the phone with Norman and found out \”The Rest of the Story\”. Norman has continued to spend time with this young man and help get him stabilized and back on his feet. The young man was saved and baptized a few days ago and is back together with his wife and is even working at a new job that he has started. He is now on the road to a much better life. And the road of life almost ended for him a few weeks ago…But God used Brother Norman as his vessel of Hope. And Norman wants no accolade or credit for his role in this. Instead, he gives all of the praise, provision, and glory to God and His Healing Grace.

I just wanted you to know how privileged we feel to play a small roll in God\’s Kingdom Work; by helping those who are truly making a difference in the lives of many who may never get to say thank you. There are many wonderful dedicated Brothers and Sisters in Christ just like Norman who are simply serving where they feel God would have them serve. They don\’t feel like heroes, but we feel they truly are.

Thank you for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend True & Genuine Hope.

Sincerest Regards,
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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