Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

As we prepare to celebrate this very special upcoming weekend Holiday; please take a moment this weekend to pause…And reflect…On what Memorial Day is all about.
It’s really an incredible day…It’s when we honor those Military Heroes who have served and are still serving our Country…Through amazing acts of courage and valor.  Many have given their lives…So that we might enjoy the splendor of all we have.  And let’s never forget their Families and Loved One\’s…Who cherish memories.
May we never forget that Freedom comes with a serious cost…For some its everything.

Please enjoy this very special message by C.W. Johnson: \”Memorial Day\”

We walked among the crosses, where our Fallen Soldier’s lay.
And listened to the bugle, as Taps began to play.

The Chaplin led a prayer, and we stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of Fallen Comrades, that I had known so long ago.

They came from every City, across this fertile land.
That we might live in Freedom, they lie here beneath the sand.

I felt a little guilty, my sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time, but they had lost their all.

Now the Services are over, for this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses, I just want to say.

Thanks for what you\’ve given; no one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in Heaven, from now through evermore.

May God Bless Our Country each and every day…And may we be forever grateful for our Freedom and for those who have helped make it possible…With their Service and their sacrifice.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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