Season’s Greetings…Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Please enjoy this truly special MOH Christmas Delivery Trip Update from our dear MOH Friends Jack & Ann Salyer who are the MOH Team Captains for NorthEast Christian Church in Lexington, KY.  As I read this, I am reminded of the reason we even discovered and go to Owsley Elementary School in Owsley County, KY. Several years ago, a little boy there handed his school principal a letter he wrote to the Mission of Hope and the principal then send it to us. In it the little boy asked, \”Would you come to the second poorest county in America and bring Christmas to us kids here?\” It’s the reason I went to meet them then and it’s the reason that we continue to go and serve there now.

We had our delivery to Owsley County on Monday, Dec. 10.  Our driver Tim Ford from Roane Trucking was such a blessing as he not only helped with the unload and set-up, but also with the Children as they shopped for toys.  

The Chick-fil-A cow came along for the delivery and the Children were so thrilled. There were many special moments during the day, but one of our volunteers shared one that was the most special to us.  Alan said as he was taking a small boy shopping and the boy asked if he could put one of his toys back and take a toy for his sister who was at home. It was extremely touching that this child was so thoughtful, and that he was willing to give up one of his toy\’s so that she could have one.

Again we are so blessed to be just a small part of this ministry and are privileged to be used to show the love of Jesus to these Children.

Ann & Jack Salyer
NorthEast Christian Church

Thanks for your friendship and for all you do to help us extend True & Genuine HOPE.

Sincerely;  Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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