I trust this letter finds you healthy and blessed and preparing for a wonderful and truly special Christmas & Holiday Season with all of your family and loved ones. It’s been extremely busy here at The Hope in recent weeks and days; as we prepare Christmas Blessings of NEW Toys & Clothing, Non-Perishable Food, and Hygiene Items; for right at 17,500 Children and their Families at the 27 rural Elementary Schools we are privileged to serve; in various extremely depressed Communities of both Tennessee and Kentucky. We try hard to go to the poorest areas and serve the Schools with the highest Free & Reduced Lunch percentages. This past year, we have had more appeals for assistance than ever before…and they are passionate appeals from Principals and Teachers and sometimes Students for us to: \”Please Come To Our School\”.  And that\’s why each year when we write the Schools we are going to assist at Christmas, we try to do all we can to help all we can.  We mail the letter\’s to the Schools we are going to assist at Christmas on September 1st each year…and that my dear friends is when we exercise our \”Leap Of Faith\” and trust that we will be able to go to all of the Schools we have promised we would come too…and its a promise we strive hard to keep.

Please enjoy this very special Thank You letter from one of the Students we have served previously…and let it bless your heart…and also remind you of why we feel it so special to indeed do what we do at Christmas.

Dear Mission Of Hope;

I just wanted to write and thank you for coming to our School.  We get so excited when you come at Christmas and you know the Teachers do too.  When we get in to the Gym and see all of those NEW Toys piled high on the table; I can\’t hardly control my excitement.  Well this year, my Mom had already told me and my brother; that we may not be getting much if anything for Christmas.  So when we came home from School on the day Mission Of Hope came, with all of those new Toys and brand new Clothes; our Mom got so excited that she started crying.  She really liked the Food Box that you gave our Family; and we really needed it too.  I love my Bible Story Book and I\’ve been reading it.

Mission of Hope, you have helped teach our School, that giving and helping others; is a very good thing to do.  When Santa comes he may say:  \”Ho, Ho, Ho\”!  But when you come to our School we say:  \”Hope, Hope, Hope\”!  I Love You Forever Mission Of Hope!

We have had a good Blue Barrel Collection this year and are grateful for every Donation that came in our Barrels.  But we have had to spend more money this year on all of the items we needed that didn\’t come in the Barrels.  And that\’s why \”We really would welcome your Financial Donations HELP\”.

We would be honored and immensely grateful if you deemed the Mission Of Hope worthy of a Financial Donation.  Doing year round ministry work, we have ongoing and ever growing needs; for Financial Donations as well to help accomplish all we feel so privileged to do here at The Hope, on a daily and weekly basis.  We were blessed last year, to be able to put 91 cents of each dollar Donated to the Mission Of Hope; back into the ministry work we do.  We trust and pray that we can continue to be good Stewards of all of God\’s Blessings.

If you would like to make a Financial Donation, you can call the Mission of Hope Office at: 865-584-7571 or at our Toll-Free Number: 1-877-627-1909. You can also mail Donations to:  Mission Of Hope, P.O. Box 51824, Knoxville TN  37950. Or you go to our web-site at  www.missionofhope.org and give by Credit Card via Paypal.  Perhaps you would like to make a year-end Stock Donation directed to the Mission of Hope.  We would be grateful for that as well.  And you can learn more about how to so, by calling our Office.

Thank You for your friendship and support…but thanks most of all for helping us be able to keep extending True and Genuine HOPE…to those who need it so much.

May God Bless you and your family\’s this Christmas…with good health, joy, and a Hope Filled heart.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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