Season\’s Greetings…Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Please enjoy this special Mission of Hope Christmas Delivery Story from our dear friend Ginger Forbes and our Friends from Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church. Ginger and her MOH Team are also the ones who do HOPE Academy in the Summer at Black Mountain, KY Elementary School.

Dear MOH Friends,

We had our delivery to Black Mountain on Friday, Dec.7, and as to be expected, Satan tried to send several joy-stealers but they just didn\’t work.  The unloading crew for the Tractor Trailer Truck got the stomach virus, and we had to work hard to get the Truck unloaded; but we did.  And the toys, food, clothing, hygiene and Bibles were delivered with great joy!  And the children receiving them were grateful for them.

Yes, there were many \”special moments\” all day long.  But mine came at the end of the day after the coach bus and all the helpers were gone. Donna, our Resource Center Director and I; went on a home visit to a small run down trailer on the side of the creek. You\’ve seen them hundreds of times and wonder how can anybody live there? Well, this sweet young girl and her grandmother and her uncle live in this one.  The little girl had been asking for a Barbie doll house for two years and her grandmother couldn\’t afford to get her one.  This family has a tremendous amount of struggles they have gone through.  The little girl has a beautiful smile and a very sweet spirit.  We got to the trailer before the little girl got off the bus and we were able to have a good conversation with the grandmother. When we told her of the Barbie house, car and Barbie extras; the grandmother cried and asked if she could keep it to give her at Christmas. We hurriedly retrieved the items from the car for her to hide till Christmas.

When we were saying goodbye, the grandmother stated that this was another way that God was providing for her. She has cancer and must return to University of Kentucky in January for more treatments. She said last week she was so tired and she just stopped; and then cried out to God. She said a cold wave just swept over her and she was granted a peace she had never known before. She now wants to get back in Church and give Him the honor and glory.

God continues to bless us as we are tools for helping to extend the Hope of Jesus, the peace of a forgiving Father and the assurance of unconditional love.  Thanks friends and call if you need more delivery help!


Thank you for all you are doing to help us be able to extend True & Genuine Hope to all who need it.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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