Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

Have you noticed that Fresh Aroma in the air…Can\’t you smell it?
Have you heard that Sound Blowing in the breeze…Can\’t you hear it?
Have you seen that Splendor Of Color\’s on the horizon…Can\’t you see it?

Its the Aroma of the first fireplaces\’s burning.
Its the Sound of a wind blowing in the first frost.
Its the Colorful Splendor that can only come with the changing of the leaves.

Our Family LOVES this \”Spectacular Fall Season\” and all that comes with it.
The campfires, the day hikes, the relaxed drives through the Mountains.
The symphony of colors and the absolute beauty of falling leaves.
The Fall Festivals & Craft Fairs, the Autumn Displays by the side of the road, and the Pumpkin Stands.
And it also means that SNOW…Yes SNOW…..Is just around the corner!!!

Could I encourage you to cherish this incredible Season of Awe…Take a moment to stop and simply breath it all in…And then praise God for His Provision and Blessings.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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