Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Sometimes the greatest blessings we receive are when we get to go and serve and they’re appreciated. I could not word any better, or more passionately the following recap from our dear friend Terrie Cross from our recent Mission of Hope Christian School \”Reading to the Children\” event. Please cherish this special message of gratitude and feel free to share with others.

Sincerely; Emmette Thompson


Thank you Mission Of Hope Volunteer Readers

I have just read Emmette’s email about the MOH Graduating Scholars…..and it made me smile because today he read to 2 -4 year olds helping start them on their way to being one of those High School Scholars.  I was hoping this program would provide more reading time and more sincere interest in reading for our children at the Learning Center – and it certainly has.  And Emmette, to answer your question; please feel free to take the Volunteer Reader Program concept with you wherever you go.  I would be honored.

We were so impressed with all eight of the Volunteers who made the 1 ½ hour drive across the mountain to Scott County — across a mountain that could just as easy be the “Great Divide”.  As we mentioned today, Scott County has 4 years of highest unemployment in the state already in the books….and begrudgingly, are working on the 5th year.  We are so close to areas that have employment… yet so far away.

Today we saw volunteers with smiles on their faces that reached from one ear to the other; eyes that narrowed as the smiles started in the corners and spread all across; and an eagerness to reach out and touch just that one child that needed an extra bit of encouragement on that day.  Thank you Volunteers.  You will never know just what seeds you planted today by opening a book and saying “Let’s read—it’s fun”.

From the very beginning of this program we have always put a sort of tongue in cheek “disclaimer” at the bottom of our flyers saying that if you need help with the big words in the primary books, we will be there to help you.  Little did I know that Emmette Thompson would put that “disclaimer” to the test.  Leave it to Emmette to pick up a book on dinosaurs!   It was funny to watch him struggle through all those names….but he made it…and I have it all on tape!!! Thank you, Mission of Hope Volunteers!  Please come back again.

As a PS:  We plan to start another Learning Center in the Huntsville area of Scott County for those children in that part of the county unable to travel to the Winfield area.  While the distance isn’t that far…the cost of gas for these families makes travel prohibitive.  Nothing would please us more than a group of volunteers with a dedicated will in stopping the poverty cycle through education to gather together, make a plan, and work with ALQI.  We would love it and can meet with you any time.

Sincerely; Terrie Cross
Appalachian Life Quality Initiative
Executive Director

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