Greetings Mission of Hope Friends;

Last year as we prepared for our first ever Spring Fest Event the wonderful gentleman in charge of it, Brother Ike Gibson, got extremely ill. And God called him to his new Heavenly home just days before we were scheduled to be in Sneedville, TN. The Gibson Family was devastated, and decided to cancel the event. It truly was the right thing to do. But this year, the family and the Hancock County community wanted to honor Ike and resume the Spring Fest Outreach Event. And what an amazing, blessed, and sweet day it indeed was. Even with a continual pouring rain, the people came in the hundreds and we watched as God blessed all that were present.

We set up in the old Hancock County High School gym. And everyone just chipped in and helped with any task that was needed. Foods, cold drinks & various sweet treats were served. Crafts were a great way to involve both kids and parents. The huge inflatables were a real hit with the children. And the Southern Gospel & Bluegrass Group was tremendous. Clowns entertained and also painted the precious and beautiful faces of the children, and on occasion, an eager adult. We gave out hygiene bags, food items, door prizes, Bibles and tracts. And everyone waited their turn, never complained, and most said thank you to all of the volunteer heroes that worked the entire event.

And for some, their lives were changed forever when they prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. We would pray for each one of them and encourage them to never, never, never forget this moment and this day. Twelve people, some children and some adults, did just that. It blessed all of our hearts to know this.

A special thank you to all of those who accompanied me: Brother Sheldon Livesay, the Gibson family, and to all of the local volunteers that came to assist with this event. Rev. Jerry Webster, Austin Meadows, and David Lynch, our Evangelism Team. Shirley Wells, Charlie Queen, and the 6 clowns from the FBC Concord Clown Ministry. We were also blessed to have NEW Friends come, with Mindy White and New Midway Baptist Church friends. It was a Truly Blessed Day and we\’re grateful.

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend True Hope in so many ways.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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