Greetings Dear MOH Friends…from The Hope.

It’s truly becoming one of those \”Most Special Events\” which we are so privileged to do each year. We just had our 5th Annual Mission of Hope Scholars Appreciation & Celebration Dinner at the Cumberland Inn in Williamsburg, KY.  We have it there as a halfway point for our scholars in TN & KY. Their Events Coordinator told me that we had become one of their most special events because of what it represented and who we were trying to help with scholarships. Their staff was wonderful to us.

We had scholars, family members & friends, MOH Board Members & key MOH leaders, MOH Scholarship Committee & MOH Mentors present for this wonderful evening. A special thank you to our MOH Scholarship Committee who serve alongside of me for all of their help with this event: Misty Mayes, Chair, Dick Fowler, Vicki Hall, Steve Jones, Rita Layman, Cindy Lloyd, Carolyn Meadows, Mary Sue Miller, Jim Montgomery, Diane Webster, MOH Office. Unfortunately, we are not able to invite all of our MOH friends to attend this event, but we hope you will know if we could, we would.

This truly special evening is our way of showing our scholars and their families just how special we think they are. We also give them some practical tips, pointers, and loving advice for how to plan wisely and also select friends that will be positive influences to them as they pursue their degrees.  We end the evening by giving each NEW scholar a MOH cap & T-shirt and gas card.  But then we surprised them with a NEW laptop computer, printer, and carry case. That brought cheers, tears, and thank you’s from both scholars & loved ones. And then we ended this wonderful evening by surrounding the room in a Circle Of Prayer…for we wanted them to know that God was their Greatest Source Of Hope.

When you drive home from an event such as this, there\’s a comfort and peace that encompasses your heart. To hear the thank you\’s from both the scholars & loved ones reaffirms the realization that we are making a true difference in the lives of children…from pre-school all the way to college graduation.

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend The Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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