Greeting Mission of Hope friends. We\’ve set the date to go to Scott County. We will leave the MOH office Wednesday, May 1 at 8:00 am. Please call the MOH Office ASAP (865-584-7571) for last minute sign ups. Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend The Hope in so many ways.


Every now and then we receive some truly special volunteer appeals here at The Hope, and this is one. Our friends at the Agape Christian Learning Center in the old Winfield, TN School \”need some help\”. They would like for us to come and read to their precious children…and we plan to go and serve them. Please read the following request and if you are interested in going with me.


I was hoping to get some out of town people to read at the Learning Center. Send me a couple of days that you think you might be able to make it up here and we will schedule you. It always starts at 10:00 and you read 15 minutes to one group and then 15 minutes to the other….. or if you wanted to bring someone with you… could spend 30 minutes with a group of very loving deserving children. Heck, load that bus up with about 20 people and bring them all up here. Each person can have one child to interact with, read to, and most of all, to just love them and show them God’s love.  We do have 21 students enrolled but it is difficult to catch them all there on any one day! Volunteer reading time is each day from 10:00 to 10:30. Of course I say that — until it snows!  We follow the county school schedule. By the way…. You should see the Ministry Center. I will send you a few pictures. They have bunk beds up,  desks with chairs. One of the churches bought pillows. You are going to have to talk to Jack Fletcher soon. See about some of your churches mission groups…..and Freda is wanting to do a Walking in Bethlehem program at Christmas where you walk down the halls and into the rooms and view scenes from the Christmas story….. I remember one time that Concord cleaned out a storage room and we received all kinds of robes, manger scenes, etc.  The Little Charity Church of God received most of those items and now if you and Shirley run across something like that again – we would appreciate your considering the Ministry Center.

Thanks; Terrie

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