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Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends.

They’re all truly special, each of the 27 elementary school delivery trips we did. And, each is a blessing. Please enjoy this special Mission of Hope Christmas delivery update from Mountain View Elementary. Judith & Richard Mynatt and our MOH Team at Central Baptist Bearden Church led this very special day.

Thanks to all of our Mission of Hope delivery team captains and members for all they did to help extend True HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director @ Mission of Hope

Thank You to all who purchased items for the children, worked at the warehouse, packaged teacher gifts and served on the delivery trips. Christmas could not have come to Mountain View Elementary without each one of you contributing. We are grateful to DeRoyal for the use of their semi-truck and their employees Eddie Crockett and Jamie Gibson. Thanks also to New Balance Shoes for donating their shipping boxes to us.

Please remember the children, their families and the school staff in prayer.

  • While we were there the school principal Heather Gay and 21st Century Coordinator Sarah Osborne were making arrangements with their own churches to pay a family\’s utility bill.  They had been without power for months.  Mrs. Gay would not leave for Christmas break until she was sure this family had heat.
  • Another staff member, a grandmother of four children ages infant to HeadStart ages, was very grateful for food, clothing and extra toys for them.  She is the sole support for five children and her disabled husband.  She heats their home with whatever she can get – coal or wood.
  • A homebound eighth grader was able to come and choose toys with her classmates.  She has endured months of chemotherapy battling ovarian cancer.

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