Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Yesterday marked another amazing milestone and blessed moment for The Hope…the start of our 17th Annual Mission of Hope Christmas Collection Drive. Over 500 MOH Blue Barrels have been placed at numerous MOH Friends Locations throughout the Knoxville and Greater East TN Areas. And over 50 MOH Blue Barrels have been placed at numerous MOH Friends Locations throughout the Lexington, KY Communities. We prayed on Wednesday morning at the MOH Office & Warehouse that God would provide The Harvest which He knows we need to take and give out to His hurting and hopeless people. At that very moment we have to begin an extremely bold Leap of Faith that He will do just that.

Please go to our web site at to keep up with all of the latest news and stories and opportunities as to how you can help us this Christmas at The Hope. And you can learn of all of our MOH Christmas Collection Sponsors there as well. You can also call the MOH Office at 865-584-7571 for more information as well. Please know that we will be glad to send you MOH Brochures, MOH Christmas Needs Lists, MOH DVDs, and any other MOH Support Materials if you would like to have them and or to help share them with other potential NEW Mission of Hope Friends. We welcome your support.

Could we humbly appeal for your prayerful support of this year\’s MOH Christmas Collection needs and that we will be able to meet them all. And remember that this year we will be serving 27 very depressed rural Elementary Schools and over 17,500 Children and their Families.

Thanks for your friendship and support and thanks for helping us extend True HOPE this Christmas.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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