Greetings, Mission Of Hope Friends…Here is THE LATEST NEWS at The Hope!


We had an extremely blessed Back To School Program this year.  We went to 27 rural Elementary Schools and assisted over 10,500 Students; with BRAND NEW Backpacks, Schools Supplies, and Hygiene Bags.  Each Delivery Team had a safe and blessed Program & Trip.  We did our Stay In School Pledge Program, at each of the 27 Schools we serve.  I think almost every Student at every School we go too; signed the Pledge.  Its really just another attempt we have put together to try and encourage the AWESOME Students we are so privileged to assist…That they have to stay in School and GRADUATE from High School.  Perhaps this will renew their determination and desire to do just that.  It really can be a \”Life Changer\”.


As Fall approaches and the temperatures begin to drop; the calls come in…Do you have any Food?
We welcome Food Donations all through out the year and would also welcome your help with a Food Drive that you and you Church, Sunday School, Civic Group, Company, etc.; might be willing to have for the Mission Of Hope.  We focus on Non-perishable Food items only and also, no glass jars.  For more information about specific Food item needs at the Mission Of Hpe; please call Shirley Plant or Diane Webster at the MOH Office (865-584-7571).

We also welcome good used conditioned Furniture.  Please call the MOH office as well about these type of Donations.  (Please note – as we prepare the MOH for Christmas, we may have to pick up Furniture Donations after our Mission Of Hope Christmas Collection & Delivery Programs are completed.)


Its so rewarding to go on a Mission Of Hope Delivery & Outreach Program.  It truly is \”The Zenith Moment\” for MOH Friends.  The Children are amazingly well mannered and respectful and many, many of them say \”Thank You\”; to our Mission Of Hope Volunteers.

One one recent MOH Back To School Delivery Program, one of our Volunteer Team members came back and told me:  \”I assisted a young man today that couldn\’t believe all of \”The Neat Stuff\” we brought to give them and that every bit of it was FREE!  He wanted to go home and get a small item to bring back and give to me as a Thank You.  But I thanked him for the gesture and told him that wasn\’t necessary.  Its the first time that has happened to me and it really blessed my heart to know how much the Students really do appreciate all we do for them and their Schools.\”

Thank you for your faithful support and your friendship and for all you do to help us extend The Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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