Outreach and evangelism.

We were recently blessed with the opportunity and privilege to conduct our first ever Mission of Hope Outreach & Distribution Event with the Powell River Baptist Association in Jonesville, VA. It was held in the gym at the First Baptist Church, Jonesville, VA. A special thank you to their director, Lynette Johnson for all she did.

We set up on Thursday like we normally do and we had our event on Friday. People were standing in line when we arrived early before beginning at 8 AM. We helped almost 300 people in 128 different families with all types of resources (food, clothing, household items, baby items, various miscellaneous items, as well as Bibles & tracts). We prayed for many there who requested it and 13 people accepted Christ. It was a blessed day for all those we served and for everyone on our MOH Team. A special thank you to each of them and for deeming this event worthy of their time and effort.

We cherish these type of outreach events and are immensely grateful for this very special privilege.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director, Mission of Hope

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