Greetings from The Hope. May I share a special Blessing with you?

WOW! What a truly special evening last night turned out to be!

Last night I gave out our first 2013 Mission of Hope High School Scholarship Awards at Bell County, KY High School. As I drove there, I got to thinking…I have to tell the audience there tonight about Jessica Caldwell\’s graduation from Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY this coming Saturday, May 11th. Because, she was the first MOH Scholarship Winner that I ever presented to at Bell county High School back in May, 2009. She will also now be our first ever four year college graduate. And I did just that, and then the audience clapped for Jessica even though she wasn\’t even there; because many in the room last evening knew the odds she had to overcome just to stay in college, to stay focused, to get through the grief of having a family member killed in a horrible car wreck, and numerous other challenges. But amazingly she did it and now her commitment and accomplishments will be acknowledged.

The Bell County School Superintendent, Yvonne Gilliam, thanked me for all that the Mission of Hope does for their county. And as I was about to leave the high school awards ceremony, the Family Resource Program Director for all of the Bell County Schools, Bill Stapleton, stopped me and said, \”I am so glad you told Jessica\’s amazing story this evening because I know her and her family\’s story and how hard it’s been for her and its absolutely wonderful that she is graduating from college\”.

It was late when I finally arrived home and I was tired and exhausted, but my long drive was made peaceful and sweeter knowing that we are making a difference, that we are changing lives, that we\’re helping to make dreams come true, and making hopes fulfilled.

Thanks for your friendship and support, but thanks most of all for helping us extend True & Genuine Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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