Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;
Its that wonderful and truly magical time of the time year once again; at the Mission Of Hope.
Over 500 Mission Of Hope – Big Blue 55 Gallon Barrels; have been placed all over East TN & Lexington,KY.
There are many other Mission Of Hope Friends: Churches, Businesses, Civic Groups, Schools; helping too.
Our dedicated and passionate Mission Of Hope Volunteers and Supporters; are working hard already.
Shirley Plant & Diane Webster, at the Mission Of Hope Office; have been extremely busy getting us ready.
We are very blessed to have so many Sponsor Friends on board once again this year, along with several new Friends & upcoming Events for our Christmas Collection & Delivery Program needs.   We are also blessed to have several new Mission Of Hope Key Area Leaders and an incredibly dedicated Mission Of Hope Leadership Team, that have returned to assist us again this year.  You would be amazed at the amount of hours these dear and special Mission Of Hope Friends, have committed to this program.
We have a BRAND NEW web-site that looks absolutely AWESOME.  A truly special thank you to Bobby & Joyce Hankins; for all they are doing with this wonderful outreach tool.  Please check it out at:  You will be amazed and thrilled at how it looks.   I also want to say a special thank you to our long time Mission Of Hope Friend, Steve Berube; for all he has done for so many years and for all his hard work and time, as our web-site leader.  He has been a true blessing to our ministry.
Now its time for all of us to be truly faithful and prayerful and trust that God will provide the Harvest we need.
Its time for us to remember that for all the Support and Donations we receive; its all in His Hands.
May we be blessed, to have the privilege to be a blessing to others; as a bright ray of True Hope.
Thank you for your servant hearts and for your friendship and for all you do to help us extend the Hope.
Sincerest Regards; 
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope


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