Greetings Dear Friends from The Hope.

Here is another very special Hope Academy Update from our dear MOH friend Ginger Forbes.

Sincerest Regards; Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope


As the mist on the mountains lifted this morning, our Hope Academy team arrived at the school ready to tackle many work projects. Team Gleason (Shaun, Caroline, Paige and Jake) along with Team Wiebe (Norm, Kim, Taylor and Ryan) began the task of pressure washing all the screens and cleaning windows. John Brackin got the chainsaw revved up and removed three large pine trees in front of the school. Meanwhile, inside the school, Team Sassenberg (Natasja, Kaelen, Chloe, Luke and Jessica) worked diligently on cleaning desks, lockers and doors. They were assisted by Lynda Guthrie, Kelley Jones, Brandi and Alanah Brackin. Team Lindler (Ed and Toni) began tearing down the broken fence and replacing the support boards in the front of the school. Team Salyer (Jack and Ann) finished cleaning desks and lockers on the back hallway. The library was dust free thanks to Donna Fraley. Team Children (Margaret Jansen, Mike, Kimberly and Riley Watkins) devoted their time to reorganizing our children\’s program with the theme of divide and conquer!! Actually, everyone worked very hard today on several different projects too numerous to mention.

Our home visits began today with a sweet visit to Alexis, a beautiful 9 year old girl, who lives with her grandmother. The family has been through several members of their family being diagnosed with cancer, including Alexis\’ grandmother. They were very appreciative of the food box and asked for our continued prayers for the grandmother.

The next visit was to Marlene\’s trailer where she lives with her three boys, nephew and her husband. She met us on the porch and gave us her testimony of being a drug addict. Her testimony included losing everything and everyone she loved, spending time in jail and recovering through rehab. She has been clean for almost four years and credits her recovery to the Lord. She spoke beautifully of seeking the Lord every day and knowing that her strength comes from Him alone.

Our last visit was to Mae\’s trailer who is Marlene\’s mother. Mae is raising her other daughter\’s children due to drug use. In this small trailer resides, Mae, her husband, and four children. Mae is a Christian and credits the Lord for His blessings to her family. Mae has been sick and asked us to pray for she and her husband who is suffering from an undiagnosed condition. As we held hands and prayed for them, Mae prayed loudly along with us professing her belief in and all powerful God.

After a delicious dinner of homemade chicken and dumplings, the classes began. About the same number of people attended last night as the night before, however the children were divided and conquered!!

Our special speaker, Candida Sullivan, spoke to the entire group before we broke into our classes. Her story is very inspiring and touched the hearts of all who heard her speak. She is the author of two children\’s books along with a book written for adults. Candida was born with a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome ( which causes death in most babies before they are ever born). She knows that it\’s a beautiful blessing she survived and she wants to show the world that her scars are not a punishment. Instead, they are a wonderful expression exemplifying God\’s love and mercy for her life.

Our classes were filled for the night. All attendees left with a warm invitation to return for more classes the next night.

Please continue to pray for all our team here in Harlan County Kentucky!

In His Service,
Ginger Forbes and Hope Academy Team

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