Greetings Dear Friends from The Hope.

Please enjoy this very special Hope Academy Update from our dear MOH friend Ginger Forbes.

Sincerest Regards; Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope


Dear Christ Covenant Family;

There are certain people in your life that no matter how long you go without talking whenever you do, you pick up where you left off. Or no matter how many miles apart, the distance will never change a thing. \”- unknown author

Hope Academy began last night with many old friends just picking up where we left off last year. Hugs and shouts of recognition of longtime friends were repeated over and over again as families walked through the doors of Black Mountain Elementary School to attend the classes offered on the first night.

There was an incredible turnout the first night- actually better than we\’ve ever had before. By the time the evening was over, our Hope Academy team served 140 individuals through teaching adult and children\’s classes. Just want to add, 40 of those were children!!!! Our children\’s team did an awesome job in teaching this large group of children!! Way to go Margaret Jansen, John and Brandi Brackin, Mike and Kimberly Watkins, and Toni Lindler! Our own kid\’s did a terrific job of leading and helping- Taylor and Ryan Wiebe, Paige and Jake Gleason, Kaelin, Chloe and Luke Sassenberg, Riley Watkins, Christian and Alanah Backin and Jessie Renich!

The best part of our attendance this year is the fact that many men came with their wives to attend the classes. What a great blessing to see whole families coming together to learn, laugh and seek fellowship with others.

Sadly, we learned that many of our families are without jobs due to cutbacks in the mines. The hard working families are very disheartened by the bleak economic future.

We will begin home visits on Tuesday afternoon; please pray for safety as we go into the homes to deliver food baskets. The school work projects will also begin tomorrow in earnest.

Thanks so much for your prayers!
In His Service…Ginger Forbes and Hope Academy Team

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