Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Tomorrow will be a historic day for the Mission of Hope…our largest Golf Classic ever.

In the morning, as the sun rises over the mist covered golf greens and fairways at Willow Creek Golf Club in Knoxville our dedicated and faithful Mission of Hope Friends & Volunteer Heroes will come. They\’ll come because of their compassionate love for this humble ministry and because they love the children we serve throughout rural Appalachia. Many will be sponsor friends & donors who deem our efforts worthy of their amazing support. There will be many who comprise our volunteer team that will work long hours and be drenched with sweat before the daylight has even fully dawned. And then there are those dedicated and faithful Chick-fil-A employees who will fire up ovens and cook hundreds of meals in the wee hours of the night for all to enjoy at this absolutely fantastic event.

But today, I humbly appeal to you for your prayer support…that we will have good weather and more importantly, that we will honor God in all we do tomorrow and be a genuine witness to all who participate of His amazing and undeserved provision & love.

Dear God, thank you for all You bless us with and for Your compassionate grace. We are truly grateful and appreciative to be your humble servants.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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