Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

I often share and reference that we have been extremely blessed at the Mission of Hope with many wonderful and truly special occasions and events. And last evening was an incredibly special moment of cherished memories for this very humbly Appalachian Ministry. Our MOH Fall Banquet last evening at Rothchild\’s Event Center was in so many ways a testament of the Servants Hearts we are immensely grateful for, and how the Servant Spirit is what\’s truly allowed us to serve in the manner we have.

Every portion of the evening\’s program just kept building on each other to make such a special time.
From the welcome and Prayer by Betty Holland, our MOH Board Chairman…
To the Auction and sharing by Sammy (Barney Fife) Sawyer…
To the incredibly blessed singing by Edwina Eldridge, from Right Fork, KY School…
To the wonderful thru the evening comments of Colleen Addair…
To the very special presentation and honoring of our friend Bill Williams, by Alice Lloyd College Staff…
To the very special and passionate comments from Bill Williams…
To the passionate and heart touching comments from our MOH Scholar, Cassandra Byrge…
To the blessed singing of Janelle Arthur…
To the powerful and compassionate video stories that aired throughout the evening…
And to the very special closing Benediction by Phil Peek.

A very special thank you to these dear MOH Heroes for all they did to make this event so special:

  • Rothchild\’s Event Center and Staff, for their service.
  • Multi-Media Solutions and Mike & Steve White, for all of the amazing Audio & Video services.
  • Clyde Plemmons Photography, for all of the Video\’s and Pictures presented.
  • Coleman\’s Printing, for all of our Banquet Invitations & Programs.
  • Jim McMichael Signs, for our Banners & Signage.
  • Alice Lloyd College Staff & Students, for their assistance in the Video\’s and sharing stories.
  • All of our special MOH Auction Items Donor Friends, and their amazing Gifts.
  • All of our special MOH Volunteer Friends, who helped set up and take down of the event.
  • WBIR-TV and their photojournalist coming to do a story feature on the evening\’s event.
  • To our AWESOME MOH Banquet Committee for their hard work, time, commitment, love, and dedication. (Susan White-Team Leader, Margaret Bahniuk, June Ezman, Ginger Forbes, Phil Peek, Clyde Plemmons, Shirley Wells, and Shirley Plant-MOH Office)
  • And to all who came and attended this very special Evening of Hope Event.

My dear and special Mission of Hope Friends…nights like these and the blessings shared and received from them are a constant reminder of how God gets the credit and praise for without Him we couldn\’t exist.

Thank you for your Servant Hearts and for your Friendship and for all you do to help us extend True HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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