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Greetings dear Mission of Hope friends from The HOPE.

Every few years we try to take Bibles to the children and families we serve in rural Appalachian communities. I feel without hesitation it is the greatest gift and source of true hope that we can give. Each time that we have done this God has provided the financial harvest that He knows we will need to pay for them. And we are once again going to have faith He will provide for our financial needs to buy Bibles.

I have located a beautiful color pictured Bible that will work for both children and adults. They normally cost $9.95 each and I have been able to purchase them for $2.95 each. I need 11,000 of them and they have now been shipped here. We have already been blessed with two $10,000 Donations to go towards this purchase. If you are interested in making a donation towards this purchase we would be immensely grateful. We must, as a Christian ministry, continue to share the greatest gift to all who will receive it.

Thanks for your friendship & support and for all you do to help extend The HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director, Mission of Hope

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