Greetings, Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

Every now and then we get such a special update that there\’s no way for me to express any better than the words of the dear Mission of Hope Friends that send them to us. Please enjoy this truly special and blessed message from Amy Baker at Letcher County, KY Elementary School. It’s about our Stay In School Pledge Program which we are doing at all of the 27 rural Elementary Schools we are now so privileged to serve and assist. You could really say that this is \”The Front End\” of our MOH Scholarship Program.

Thank you for your friendship and support…and for all you do to help us extend True HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

Just wanted to thank you guys so much for coming to Letcher Elementary and Letcher Middle Schools.  I wanted to send a picture of  the pledge to graduate signing and the posters.  They are proudly placed in Letcher Elementary Trophy Case.  Thanks so much!!
– Amy Baker


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