Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

I think what we are privileged to get to do at the Mission of Hope is very special. And every now and then there are some days more special than others. And then on occasion there are even more special days…There are days like yesterday.

Yesterday I took our long time special MOH Friend Phil Peek on a field trip. Remember Brother Phil? He was almost killed in a horrible car wreck last April after blacking out at the wheel and hitting a tree head on.  For the next several weeks he was in the hospital here in Knoxville. He almost died several times as his condition deteriorated and grew worse.  And then \”A Miracle Happened\”…He got well and the Prayers that were lifted up on his behalf were answered.  And God healed our dear Brother Phil.

We went to Clinch School first where the MOH serves; and were able to bring them a \”Surprise Gift\” of two 42\” Big Screen TV\’s which we were blessed to have donations given to purchase them with. We visited class after class as Phil thanked each and every teacher and student for their prayers and for their wonderful get well cards. We then went to Hancock Elementary where the MOH serves; and once again visited class after class as Phil continued to thank every teacher and student there for their prayers and get well cards. We then went to Hancock County High School and visited with Principal Mike Belcher. And he perhaps said it best, \”Phil…You have blessed my heart today; knowing you are well\”.

I watched something very special take place yesterday…I got to see first hand, \”Hope Fulfilled\”; in an amazing and sweet spirited way.  I watched a Christian Brother get to acknowledge to his friends how God had saved his life and had healed him. But I got to see the precious smiles and excited children respond with their love for Phil and their amazement that their prayers had been answered.

Thank you for your friendship; and thank you for your support; and thank you for your prayers. And please remember and never forget…God is indeed our Greatest Source of Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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