Outreach and evangelism.

Greetings Dear Friends…from The HOPE.

It’s hard to comprehend what 4 Mission of Hope truckloads of God\’s harvest looks like and perhaps this picture helps.


We put up over 100 tables and we still can\’t unpack every item we bring: food, hygiene, clothing, household items, small appliances, blankets/bedding, Bibles & tracts, and various other items. It’s the wonderful donations that we get here at The HOPE and then in turn give to the Mountain Ministry Centers we partner with; for them to get where most needed. We served a little over 800 people representing many, many families who are truly struggling and desperately need some assistance and a hand up. And we also prayed for many who came up to our MOH volunteers and requested it. We gave out hundreds of Bibles and tracts, and tried to be a breath of fresh air for all those present. All were extremely patient, and we heard the words \”thank you\” from many who were grateful for our efforts.

A very special thank you to all of our Mission of Hope volunteers who helped make this Outreach & Distribution Event possible: the MOH truck loading team & driving team, the set up & event distribution team, and our host\’s Rev. Keith & Joyce Decker and the Cedar Ridge Ministry Staff Team.

We are humbly grateful to serve the rural Appalachian communities we go to and we count it a privilege to do just that. Thank you for all you do to deem us worthy of your participation and support and for helping us extend true and genuine HOPE in a variety of ways.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director, Mission Of Hope

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