Mission of hope serving rural appalachia.

March 1, 2022

Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

As we begin a new year, I wanted to take a moment to share from my heart…a personal update from me, regarding some special things and decisions…that I have been considering and praying about…for quite some time.

Working and serving at the Mission of Hope…has been one of the greatest blessings of my entire life. The people that I have met and been privileged to serve alongside of…the various dedicated Staff Team Members…the Volunteers who have given of their time and effort and hard work…the Donors and Sponsors and Supporters who have given so generously…are the real Heroes of the Hope. And Thank You will never be sufficient…for all they have done and continue to do, for this blessed Ministry.

I and my Dear Bride Valarie…my closest Friend…have talked about and prayed about and sought GOD’s direction, for and in our lives…as we’ve tried to grow in our faith and walk with the LORD.

I have a peace in my heart…that it is now time for me to retire from this wonderful Ministry…and pass the Baton of Leadership to the next person. I will be turning 68 years old on July 27th of this year. If allowed and all works well…I plan to retire later this year. I will also try to assist a new person hired to replace me, in any way I can. I wanted to go ahead and make this announcement now; because of the time that may be needed to search for my replacement.

In closing, I truly hope that people understand my heartfelt desire and love for this Ministry. I love the Mission of Hope so much…that I want to be willing to graciously move forward in my life, so that the next leader of this Ministry can continue to lead it…with GOD’S beacon of direction. GOD has blessed this Ministry and I feel with a strong child like faith…that if we trust HIM, and acknowledge HIM, for all we have and get to do…That HE will continue to provide all that we need…to serve HIS hurting and lost people in rural Appalachia.

On a personal note…Valarie and I would be grateful for your prayers, for us and our Family. Valarie will continue with her Real Estate Business. I look forward to volunteering at my Church and helping others that GOD might place in my life journey path.

Thank You For Your Servant Hearts And Spirits. Thank You For Your Very Special Friendship. Please Know That We’re Extremely Grateful For Your Encouraging Support. We Love You…We Love the Mission Of Hope.

Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

Mission of Hope

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