When our Young Preacher Scholar & His Sweet Wife called me recently, their hearts were heavy with concern for an older couple they had met in their Rural KY Community. So yesterday, after a Mission Of Hope School Delivery I made near Hyden, KY…I drove to Harlan to meet with Brother Deric. We met at a local building supply, and the owner was kind to help us with the purchase of several plumbing items and other things; this Family needed.

So then I just felt led to ask Brother Deric…Do you and Your Wife have any needs? Deric timidly told me, that they needed a washer and dryer. So I walked away for a moment…privately spoke with the store owner…and purchased a new washer and dryer for this sweet Preacher and His Wife…I told Deric what I was doing, after I paid for the washer and dryer. He was absolutely blown away and couldn\’t wait to tell his Sweet Bride.

Ya see…I love how GOD has blessed and grown our Humble Appalachian Ministry…with Resources for Others. And also how we get to work thru HIS Frontline Foot Soldiers…To Help Them Help HIS Hurting People.

It was a much longer day than I planned yesterday…But I drove back home, with a sweet feeling…Glad We Got To Help The Helpers.

Sincerest Regards,
Emmette Thompson
Executive Director

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