Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

I humbly ask you to please envision from your heart this reality…..

Tonight in Scott County, TN…Its very cold.
As dedicated Remote Area Medical (RAM) Volunteer Team Hero\’s set up for this weekend\’s Health Clinic…They know that people will be standing in the cold…Early in the morning…Waiting for the opportunity to see a Dentist…An Eye Doctor…A Physician…Or other Healthcare Workers To Hopefully get some relief.
Many will wait patiently…Enduring tremendous pain…But they\’ll be grateful to wait their turn.
They\’ll come in vehicles barely running…And for many with no proper car heaters.
A lot of them will come hungry and without proper nurishment.
Many have spent night after sleepless night…Dealing with extreme discomfort and pain.
But they\’ll come…And they won\’t complain…Because their grateful for those that will serve and help them.

Could I ask you this evening to pray for all of those who will come for healthcare assistance this weekend as well as all of those who will be there Volunteering their services and their heart\’s compassion and their love. We will certainly cherish your prayers and be appreciative of them.

Thanks for your ongoing friendship and support and for helping us to keep extending True Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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