Outreach and evangelism.

Greetings Dear Friends…From The HOPE.

I wanted to share with you about our recent Day in the Oneida, TN Park Outreach & Evangelism Event. We have been blessed to be able to do this event for the past several years, and it is a much needed Summer Festival for the children and families which we are so privileged to serve there. And this year, we had over 500 people come to our event. The weather was perfect and the volunteers were just fantastic. A very special thank you to the following MOH friends for deeming us worthy of their servant hearts that day.

  • ALQI Staff & Oneida Park Staff for hosting the event
  • FBC Concord & Island Home BC & City On A Hill & Winfield BC & Black Oak BC for leading the event
  • Suetta & Jeff Schmitt & Tommy Chambers for the food & cooking
  • Inside Out Group for the music
  • Clown Team Friends for face painting & balloons
  • The Vet Center for veteran’s information handouts
  • David Lynch & friends for leading the evangelism program
  • Various MOH volunteer friends for the many various tasks
  • Ken & Betty Holland for leading the event planning & program details

\"oneida\"There were 13 people who came that morning and left the event with lives changed forever. They accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and we prayed for each one and gave them a new Bible.

But we had something happen that day which was immensely special, and I want to share it with you. When my friend David Lynch began walking around the park, a lady approached him and immediately spoke out, \”Sir, you are just the man I came him here to find. Ya see, last year when we came you talked with my grandson and from that conversation a few weeks later, he got saved and was also baptized. And this year, I was hoping you could have that same talk with my other grandson.\” David shared God\’s plan of salvation with the young man and made sure he understood what sin was, and his heart was changed and he humbly asked Jesus to come into his heart. When David turned to see the grandmother, she was praying as tears rolled down her cheeks.

We are extremely grateful and feel privileged to do all of the various ministry assistance\’s we get to do each and every week here at the Mission of Hope. But please hear my heart and know that moments like this are a blessing we treasure and thank God for.

Sincerest regards and appreciation for your friendship,
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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