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We sometimes get such a special update that there\’s no need for us to put words with it. This very special update came from our long time Mission of Hope Friend, Todd Ottinger. Please enjoy this, cherish this, and take a moment to ponder what a difference you are helping us make.

Thanks for your friendship & support and for helping us extend True & Genuine HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director, Mission of Hope

Hello Emmette;  I wanted to give you an update on a wonderful Mission of Hope Scholar.

Kailye Ball is a Mission of Hope scholar from Cosby High School. She is attending Walters State Community College and her plans were to apply to the nursing program. It is my pleasure to inform the Mission of Hope that Kailye was named to the President’s List for the 2015 Fall Semester, as she achieved a perfect grade point average of 4.0. In addition to having a perfect GPA she was accepted to Nursing School at the age of 18. This is a great accomplishment, as less that 10% of applicants were accepted to the nursing program and being just 18 is a very rare accomplishment.

Kailye has stated many times she would not be able to do what she is doing without the support of Mission of Hope.  This is a hard working and impressive young lady. She is striving to build a better life and future for herself.  The Mission of Hope continues to bless the lives of young people and help those who may have never gotten a chance to reach their potential.

God Bless; Todd Ottinger

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