Mission of hope calendar update get involved.

2023 Key Dates & Volunteer Opportunities
(Updated 1-3-23)

January                      Thank-You Month At The HOPE
February                    Start of 2023 NEW MOH Scholars Selection Process
March                         Outreach & Distribution Event
April 1                         Construction Ministry & Handicap Ramp Builds Begin
April                            Alice Lloyd College – Scholars Recognition & Field Trip
April                            Lincoln Memorial University – Scholars Recognition & Field Trip
April                            Repair Fair Event – Middlesboro & Pineville, KY
May                             Outreach & Distribution Event
May                             New Scholarship Awards at High Schools
June                            Day in The Park Outreach Event – Oneida, TN
July                             Outreach & Distribution Event
July & August           26th Annual Back to School Program
August                        Pack the Bus Back to School Collection – Turkey Creek
August                        Cruisin’ For Kids Car Show
September                 20th Annual Mission of Hope Golf Classic @ Willow Creek Golf Club
September                 Repair Fair Event
September                 Outreach & Distribution Event
October 31                 Construction Ministry & Handicap Ramp Builds Ends
November                  Annual Celebration & Fundraising Banquet @ Rothchild’s????
November   –              28th Annual Christmas Program and Cyber Barrel
December                  Drive in Knoxville and Lexington
December                  LMU Christmas Concert & Tree Lighting (Toy Collection for MOH)

MOH Address:                    P. O. Box 51824; Knoxville, TN 37950
MOH Office Phone:           (865) 584-7571
MOH Email:                          [email protected]  

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