We Had A Long Day Yesterday. We Took Two Truckloads Of All Kind Of Items And Supplies, To Alice Lloyd College. It’s About An Hour Past Hazard And Not Far From Hindman, KY. Downtown Hindman…Was Totally Flooded. We Saw Lots Of Damage…And Know We Only Saw A Portion.

Today…We Start Loading Another MOH Truck, To Be Taken To A Ministry In Hazard, KY Tomorrow.

I Stopped By This Ministry On The Way Home Yesterday…And Their Just Overwhelmed And Exhausted.

The Ministry’s We Serve… Are The Frontline Foot Soldiers, Of GOD’S Appalachian Mission Field…And They Need Our Help, Our Prayers, And Our HOPE.

Many Have Contacted Us On How They Can Help. We Ended Up Being Able To Purchase A Lot Of The Resources We Have Taken Thus Far And Grateful That We Can Do So Because Of The Quick Response Time Needed.  We Will Be Making Addition Resource Purchases, In Upcoming Days.  If You Would Like To Make A Financial Donation To Assist Us, Please Click Here Or Call Us At: 865-584-7571.

Thank You For Your Friendship. May GOD Comfort Those That Are Struggling, Thru Their Loss And Challenge’s…And Uplift Them, As Only HE Can.

Emmette Thompson
Executive Director
Mission Of Hope 

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