Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

It’s Scholarship Time at the Mission of Hope and we are awarding even more Mission of Hope Scholarships this year. High school students all over the Appalachian Communities we serve need our help. For many who dare to DREAM, financial help from others may be their only Hope. And that\’s what we\’re all about…Helping fulfill true & genuine HOPE.

In upcoming weeks, I will be sharing some incredible stories of true desire and determination from students who have chosen to pursue their dreams and get a college education. But to help fulfill these AWESOME students’ dreams; we could use your help and would be honored if you deem us worthy of financial donations to help us complete all of our scholarship needs. Just think, what if we could help break the cycle of poverty by investing in students in these areas and they in turn not only are able to have a better life, but also be able to \”Pay It Forward\” by then helping others. Now that\’s a goal to shoot for!

Thank you for your servant hearts, your friendship, and for all you do to help us extend The Hope through Education.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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