A blue banner with the words back to school.

Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends from The HOPE.

Wow! Where’s the summer going? It’s Back to School time at the Mission of Hope!

It may seem hard to believe, but it’s that very special time of the year again at the Mission of Hope. It’s Back to School time and we are well underway with our Back to School (BTS) Program. This year, we will be serving almost 11,500 children at 27 rural elementary schools throughout Northeast TN and Southeast KY communities. And they really and truly need our help. Please visit our 2015 Mission of Hope Back to School Collection page and feel free to share it with others.

Thanks for your friendship & support and for all you do to help us extend The HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director, Mission of Hope

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