Greetings Dear Friends from The Hope.

WOW!  Hope Academy in Black Mountain, KY is just incredible. What a Blessing this Mission Trip is for those being served as well as all of those dear volunteer heroes doing the serving.

Enjoy this most recent update (Thursday, June 6) from the Hope Academy Team Leader, Ginger Forbes.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope


Classes are done and the work projects are finished! We ended the night with an inspiring concert by the Southern Gospel quartet, Chapel Voices. What a great way to finish the week!

The rose bushes were finished this morning with John and Christian Brackin, Kaelin Sassenberg and a few other helpers, digging the holes. Ed and Toni Lindler finished the fence and a host of other workers completed the jobs of cleaning inside the school. Nance and Stephen Ericson moved some office furniture and relocated the computer terminals to another office space. Donna\’s office will have lots more room for back packs and school supplies!

The home visits today were fun and enjoyable as we visited families we have known through the school program. The Sassenberg family went to see Tabitha and her children. Tabitha\’s prayer request was for a new stove since she was down to using only one burner on the current stove. Also, for her husband to get more paid hours for his job. We prayed with her and left a food box. When she arrived at the school, her face was beaming as she told of her mother-in-law calling with the news of someone wanting to give her a stove. She gave all honor to God!

Toni and Ed Lindler visited with Gladys and her family, leaving them a food box also. It was Gladys\’ birthday and she really enjoyed our visit on her special day. Her prayer request was for her sister, Ruby having surgery on June 10, and for her brother who is living a prodigal lifestyle.

Susan, Madeline and Reagan Horn and Donna Fraley went to see Ellen and her two boys. Ellen asked for prayer for her two boys, Alex and Curtis. Both have health issues and both need more testing to determine the next treatment. Those sweet boys tried to get Reagan to take a puppy but we made it to the truck without one.

The Ericson family went to the Farley home to deliver a food box. Both the parents have just recently lost their jobs and asked for prayers to be rehired. Job loss is a constant theme in the homes we visit.

Emmette Thompson, Executive Director of Mission of Hope and Phil Peek, a volunteer for MOH, drove the two trucks up to the schools this afternoon. Emmette gave away ice cream to all the adults and children before the Gospel sing began. Everyone had an awesome time clapping and singing along with the quartet. Thanks to Terry and Marsha Futtrell for getting this group to perform for our mountain friends.

Finally, tomorrow is the Hope Store and then it\’s goodbye to our friends. Our prayer is that something we said or did will extend the Hope of Jesus to the families of Black Mountain Elementary.

In His Service,
Ginger Forbes and Hope Academy Team

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