We Were Recently Blessed…At The HOPE… In A Very Special Way.  Some Mission Of Hope Donor’s Bought Us A NEW Pickup Truck.  We Are So Grateful For This Very Generous And Loving Gift.

About The Same Time, I Found Out That One Of The Sweet Country Preacher’s We Serve; Had His Vehicle Break Down. He Is So Humble… And Would Never Ask For Help. 

So… We Decided To Pass On The Blessing Of Giving… The Way It Had Been Passed onto Us.  Our MOH Warehouse Manager, Tim Hall; Delivered Our Other Pickup To This Dear Preacher… And We Gave It To Him.  Needless To Say… He Was Ecstatic And Humbled By This Gesture Of Kindness.

We Absolutely Love To Be HOPE Full-fillers… And Vessel’s Of GOD’S Provision.  We Truly Give HIM The Praise… For The Privilege Of Doing So.

Thanks For Your Support…  We Cherish Your Friendship… Have A HOPE FILLED Day.

Emmette Thompson
Executive Director
Mission of Hope

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