Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends,

I shared with you in our recent MOH Prayer Request Update about a very urgent request for the family of one of our Mission of Hope Scholars. Her name is Jessica Caldwell and she was one of our first ever Scholarship Students in the class of 2009 Winners. She is a textbook example of someone who \”Dared To Dream\” and just needed some assistance and help to get there. She has excelled in college and has even become an inspiration to other friends and family members as well. We are extremely proud of her and all that she continues to accomplish. And now she is going through a very sad crisis and needs our help.

Jessica has two sisters that were involved in a horrible automobile accident in Bell County, KY about 10 days ago. Her sister Sharon was tragically killed in the accident. And her sister Crystal was severely injured and the baby she was pregnant died as a result of the injuries she sustained in the wreck. Crystal is in UT Hospital and has multiple broken bones and a number of serious injuries. Her status and term of stay there is currently unknown. Some of our very faithful Mission of Hope supporters have been visiting Crystal at UT Hospital. And I accompanied Jessica\’s MOH Scholarship Mentor, Carolyn Meadows, to visit Crystal the other day as well. We took her a small gift and a Bible & Tract and we prayed for her before we left.

This is an extremely sad and difficult situation. And all of our hearts are broken for Jessica and her family. We are also concerned for Jessica and how this may impact her strong desire for and pursuit of her college education which she passionately desires. She will be coming to Knoxville to visit her sister at UT Hospital later this week after she completes her finals at Lindsay Wilson College. We are going to try and make sure we get to see her while she is here in Knoxville.

Jessica has humbly appealed to us for financial assistance for the funeral expenses of her dear sister Sharon. We do not normally get these types of requests nor make appeals for these types of needs, but we feel we must do something to help Jessica. I have met the Director of the Funeral Home in Kentucky by phone that handled the funeral services for Jessica\’s sister. Federal & state laws prevent private information such as this being shared with others. But the Funeral Home Director did tell me that we could send a donation there for the funeral expenses of Jessica\’s sister.

Please hear my heart and know that I have struggled as to whether or not to send this update and appeal for financial assistance for Jessica\’s family. But in the end, I felt that I just had to make our Ministry Friends aware of this need and let each one respond in whatever manner they wish. If you would like to send a donation to the Mission of Hope for this urgent assistance appeal; please note your donation with the words: Funeral Expense Donation. We will in turn send a Mission of Hope check to the Funeral Home.

Thank you for your servant hearts & spirits and for all you do to help us extend True Hope.

Sincerest Regards,
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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