Thanksgiving baskets filled with fruits and flowers.

A Thanksgiving Message from Emmette Thompson:

Greetings Dear Mission Of Hope Friends…and May You Be Blessed Today.

It\’s Tomorrow…the most wonderful Holiday of the year to me personally…Thanksgiving Day. Many of you know this about me…and it has a lot to do with very special childhood memories. The Food…the Fellowship…and the Blessing of our Family being together…floods my memory each year as Thanksgiving Day comes closer. And I so cherish and am grateful…that God touches my heart with these special and precious memories.

Please take time this Thanksgiving to honor God with a Prayer of Gratitude for His provisions…remember those who are ill, grieving, and also less fortunate…and our Military Service Men & Women. And just cherish the true specialness of this incredible Day…and our Nation\’s Heritage.

I hope you and your Family will be Blessed…with a warm time of fellowship and rest…and that God will touch the depths of your hearts with His Peace and Comfort. From All of Us at Mission of Hope…Happy Thanksgiving Friends! ET

I Count My Blessings

I count my daily blessings, Lord,
And try to count them all.
But, it\’s like counting all the stars at night
Or the raindrops, when they fall.

For, my blessings are so many
And my troubles are so few …
That the good always outweighs the bad;
Due to blessings, sent from You.

So, Father, please forgive me
If I fail to count the ways …
As you have blessed my life immensely,
Through your love that never strays.
© 2001 by Vickie Lambdin

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