Greetings Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

We have just returned from a very special Outreach & Distribution Event in Hazard, KY. We have been so blessed and privileged to work with some very special Ministry Center Friends there for a number of years now. I am always amazed at how grateful and appreciative they are that we come to help them serve their Community. And this year, the needs of the people there are increasing. There have been thousands more jobs lost, since our event last fall. With that loss, comes devastation, despair, and hopelessness.

We actually took 3 Mission of Hope truckloads of all of the various types of donated resources which we feel so blessed to receive at The Hope: food, clothing, furniture, hygiene, baby items, various household items, and Bibles & Tracts. We didn\’t bring anything back with us this year.  A special thank you to Freightliner of Knoxville for a loaned 24\’ truck. And a very special thank you as well to the Mission of Hope Volunteer Team that went with me this year:  Rev. Jerry Webster, David Lynch, Mike & Mary Emma Bunch, Gary Brooks, Roscoe England, Don Jones, Walter Bailey, Jack Welch, Lewis Breeden, and Glenn Schwartz. And an extremely special thank you to Missy Miller and all of her volunteer friends who lead the Ministry Center assistance efforts there in Perry County, KY.

As we finalized our event set up yesterday morning the clouds broke loose with some very hard rain. We opened the gates early as numerous people stood patiently in line, never complaining at all about getting wet. For the next several hours, people came…hundreds of people came…and they were served, with love & care.

And then one by one, God touched the hearts of those who wanted to know Him and His comforting peace. My dear friends Brother David Lynch and Rev. Jerry Webster, who helped with this extremely special blessed decisions, would gather around them with me as we prayed for the joyful news of their New Life. We were privileged to watch as 20 different people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. It was one emotional moment after another, and we were humbled to experience it.

I want to thank each of you for all of your prayers and for all you do to deem our humble Appalachian Ministry worthy of your compassionate support and your faithful friendship. Bless you for blessing us and enabling us to be able to keep extending True and Genuine Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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