College Scholarships

Changing Lives for College-Bound Students in our Rural Communities.

At Mission of Hope, we believe getting an education is the greatest tool to help break the cycle of poverty. Through financial donations, we provide 13 scholarships to area high school students each year, as well as one scholarship each to Alice Lloyd College and Lincoln Memorial University.

In 2009, the Mission of Hope began awarding scholarships at each of the 13 high schools in the Rural Appalachian areas where we serve. Students who receive these scholarships may pursue an education at a 2-year, 4-year, trade or vocational school. Funds permitting, the scholarships are renewable as long as the Student remains in good standing at their institution. Each Student also receives an MOH Mentor. The Mentors provide guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the students’ educational journey.

A group of graduates raising their hats in the air.

We are so proud of our more than 80 graduates. Many have faced incredible odds to stay in school, enduring hardships, personal challenges, family tragedies, and other obstacles that could have easily stopped their education goals. But they have persevered, determined to finish their college degree.

A group of graduates raising their hats in the air.

Help Us Provide a Future for Great Students!

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