Season\’s Greetings, Dear Mission of Hope Friends.

The stories are powerful, the experiences are incredible, and then sometimes HOPE must step in.  Please enjoy this amazing, heart breaking, and inspirational Christmas delivery story from our Sevier Heights Baptist Church Mission of Hope Team. May it bless you and yet remind you of what love is about.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope



Both of our Delivery Trips were great times serving our Lord! The Elk Valley School Trip was very good and the Evarts School Trip was great as well. We did experience a difficult situation during our Evarts Trip. When we arrived into Evarts around 7:30 am Friday morning and we were coming down the hill into Verda, which is just about a mile from the school; we saw a large house fire on the side of the road. The fire department was futilely working to save the houses around it as this house was obviously a total loss. Everyone on our bus was very disturbed, as you can imagine. As you know, I take a group of students from Powell High School with us on our trip here. They have been a great support over the years and also a mission opportunity for our team as well. They were especially disturbed seeing the house fire. When we arrived at the school we proceeded with our daily routine and I met with Sherry and Lawrence at the school. I told them about the fire and they were already aware. They explained that it was a family in the school and that two of the girls in the family were students at Evarts. They also explained that the older sister, who lived in the house, was expecting a baby and was due in the next two weeks. They had a baby shower for her at the school the week prior and that all of this was lost in the fire. I was totally exhausted at the situation. Later, I assembled our team for prayer before the school assembly and program. I explained to the team the situation with the fire and we all prayed for the family and our program. I asked that if the Lord led anyone to contribute to the family, that I would be taking a collection to give to them before we left for the day. The Lord was immensely gracious, as I expected. At the end of the day, everyone on the team had given. This included the Powell students, many of which EMPTIED their pockets……..What a Blessing! At the end of the day I gave Sherry and Lawrence $587.00 to help the family. God is always good!

On Monday after the trip I contacted Shirley at the MOH Warehouse and with the help of one of my Team Members, we were able to collect some additional clothing items from the MOH Warehouse and my team.  I also purchased some clothing items and collected another $100 to take to the family on Tuesday. I have had such wonderful support from everyone around to help this family. God is always faithful! Who knows, but God may be using this to work on one of those Powell kids. ? Sewing seeds to reap The Harvest.

Serving Him
Harold Underwood

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