Greetings From The HOPE. 
Had Great Trip To Lighthouse Ministry Center In Pineville, KY 
Yesterday. Our Warehouse Manager, Tim Hall, And The Warehouse Guys Filled The Truck With All Kinds Of Needed Items For This Important Ministry. 
Had A Special Moment Happen…
About To Leave And Then Discovered An Urgent Need For Air Conditioners, For The Couple Who Lead The Ministry.
Their AC Unit Hasn\’t Worked This Entire Year…And Estimated Repairs Are $4,000. 
So I Said Goodbye…And Headed Straight To Building Supply Store In Middlesboro…
And Bought Air Conditioners. 
When I Got Back To Lighthouse
They Thought I Left Something
And Then I Brought In AC\’s.
They Both Started Crying And Thanked Me Over And Over. 
I Told Them…Sometimes, We Have To Help THE HELPERS.
Yes…I Got Back Later Than Planned. Yes…It Took Me Some Extra Effort. 
But Driving Back To The MOH…
My Heart Was Filled With A Sense Of Blessed Joy…That We Could Be A Blessing To This Sweet Ministry Hero Couple. 

We Had Another Great Week At The HOPE. 
Thanks For All You Do For The HOPEā€¦For Your Special Friendship.   
Have A GREAT Weekend.   

Emmette Thompson (ET)
Executive Director 
Mission Of Hope

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