Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

Beckham Bates Elementary School in Isom, KY is getting ready to close down. And we have been blessed to make so many truly special memories there…But there is one more that I want to help make for the Students and Staff members there. And as such, we are going to have an end of the year Party for them.

I had a wonderful visit the other day with the Beckham Bates School Principal, the Letcher Elementary School Principal (where almost every Beckham Bates Student will now attend), and the Letcher County School Board Superintendent. They are so very grateful and appreciative of all of the support that the Mission of Hope and various Volunteer Teams have given to the students in their community for so many years. We discussed having a Year End Party at Beckham Bates and they are very receptive to the idea. Whatever we want to do will be fine with them.  They do have somewhat of a unique situation this year. They have built in so many extra School Days for expected bad weather that they never had to use. And as such, they will be letting schools out much earlier than they ever have in the past. Their last day of school will be on Friday, May 4th.  We felt like Friday, April 27th would be a good day for their party. We did not feel like we should try and do it on their last day of school that Beckham Bates is open.

I would like to put together a Volunteer Team to go with me to have a FUN filled day for these kids. I have confirmed that the school will be preparing lunch for the students that day. So we plan to begin our party at 12 noon and continue to 3 PM. I have located a company that will bring 3 large inflatables, 1 popcorn machine, and 1 snow cone machine. We will also bring some other refreshments to give out as well.  I would also like to take a Clown Team if there are any available. And I will be bringing several AWESOME door prizes to give away. We can also perhaps come up with some other entertainment ideas as well.  Friends, here is the deal…No one else is planning to do anything for these students to celebrate the history of this special place and for all that it has meant to this community. So we will!!!

If you would like to volunteer to go on this trip; please call the MOH Office at 865-584-7571 or you can e-mail us [email protected]. We will plan to leave the MOH Office on Friday, April 27th  at 7 AM and hopefully return around 7 PM. Please have breakfast before coming and we will get lunch at the school. I will keep you posted with any new details.

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend The Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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