Greetings Dear Friends…from The Hope.

It’s truly one of the most EXCITING EVENTS of the year when we go and do our Back To School Deliveries.

Just imagine as a student, walking into the school gym and seeing all of those AWESOME & BRAND NEW backpacks and loads of school supplies & hygiene items; and also knowing that your parents just couldn\’t afford to purchase these types of items for you this year. Well that\’s what we do at The Hope. We help every student at the rural elementary schools we are so blessed to serve. And this year we\’re serving 27 schools and assisting a little over 11,500 students. And perhaps the greatest gift we take them is our love and compassion, by caring to go and serve them and the affirmation to them that God made each one of them truly special and that Jesus will always be their greatest source of hope.

As we begin a NEW school year everywhere across our nation may I suggest we uplift all educators and students in fervent prayer and that God will protect them and their schools, with His provision and grace.

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend True HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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