Greetings, Dear Mission of Hope Friends;

What is the merit of extending love…By caring enough to go and be there for people you don\’t even know?

And what does it mean for those who receive it…That don\’t know you and wonder why you would come?

My Friends that is what we try to do. Extend Hope without expectation in return.

Please enjoy the pictures from our recent Day in the Park Event in Oneida, TN. God blessed us with beautiful weather and the privilege to go and return safely. We had food, games, clowns, inflatables, balloons, music, hygiene bags, and overall FUN. And everything we gave out was FREE. But the greatest source of hope we gave out was the Gospel and tracts for those who wanted them. And we also had the privilege of helping to lead over 20 children and adults to come to know The Lord.

I would also like to offer a very special Thank You to the following dear MOH Friends for all they did to make this Event possible: ALQI Staff (Oneida Ministry), FBC Concord Team, West Hills PC Team, Winfield BC Team, Winfield Ministry Center Team, and various other MOH Volunteers who came and helped with their amazing acts of love and kindness.

One of the couples there came up to me near the end of the day and said, \”I just want to thank you for all that the Mission of Hope does for our community. There have been many times you have come with Back To Schools supplies and Christmas Gifts to give our Children when we didn\’t know how we were going to have the money to buy such things. And we really appreciate your help\”

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend True & Genuine Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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