Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

Our recent Mission Of Hope Fall Banquet, was not only a true success; but one of the most inspirational and memorable evenings, in our entire 15 year history.  The fellowship was very special and had a sweetness to it, that set the tone for a very special night.  Our Banquet Theme this year was:  \”Children Of The Mountains.\”  Thank You Coleman\’s Printing & Awards, for all you do in the way of our printing needs.  Our Banquet Committee did a fantastic and tremendous job with putting this event together.  I would like to Thank them for all of their time, tireless effort and hard work; along with their compassionate determination to have a very special moment of reflection as we cherish memories of 15 years of Ministry; at the Mission Of hope.  The member\’s of this year\’s Banquet Committee are:  Susan White-Chairman, Ginger Forbes, Shirley Wells, Phil Peek, Stuart & Leslie Row, and Shirley Plant.  A special thank you as well to Diane Webster at the Mission Of Hope Office, for her time and assistance with the Banquet and to all of our Volunteers who assisted with this wonderful event. 

The entertainment was terrific and the food was delicious; as all of our friends at Rothchilds did a superb job for the evening.  Sammy Sawyer (Barney Fife) had us all in laughter, with his wonderful humor.  Inside Out did a great job with their music.  Dee Dee Brogan hit a \”Home Run\” with her special music.  Bobby & Joyce Hankins and their company (Pinnacle Image Media Group) did an amazing job with all of the DVD\’s.  Mike & Steve White and their Staff from Multi Media Solutions; provided a superb setup for all of our Audio, Video, and Lighting needs.  Rita Layman, Ginger Forbes, and Phil Peek; were very special as our Faces Of Hope.  Karen Goss offered our Blessing and Rev. Ron Mouser had our Benediction.  Colleen Addair was superb, as our Master Of Ceremonies and Bill Williams did another great job as our Appeal Speaker.  Emmette Thompson also shared about reflections from our ministry\’s past.  But the Star Of The Evening, was one of our dear Scholarship Program Friends Joetta Brashear; who touched the heartstrings of all who were present, as she tearfully shared about her own past and how she was determined to break out of the cycle of poverty that her family had been trapped in for so many years.  She is about to Graduate from College and then go on to Law School and wants very much to give back to the Mission Of Hope; when she finishes Law School. 

I also want to thank the following for their extremely faithful support and their friendship to the MOH:

-Jerry Godolphin Photography, for all of our Photography needs for the evening. 
-Jim McMichael Signs, for all of our Signs and Banners for the evening.
-Paul Murray Gallery, for Collectors Art items for our Auction.
-All of our various Banquet Sponsors and Auction Items Sponsors and Providers.
-All of our wonderful Mission Of Hope Volunteers, who help with set up and preparation.
-To Susan & Nathan Rothchild and their Staff.
-To two very special Mission Of Hope Anonymous Friends, who underwrote the entire Banquet costs.

We have been immensely blessed to do what we do, each and every day.  Its a true joy to come together with all of our dear Mission Of Hope Faithful Family; and cherish how God continues to bless us, with His Hand of Grace and Provision.   We sincerely appreciate all that each of you do to help make an event like this possible.  Please know that we cherish your friendship and support and for all you deem us worthy of, so that we can continue extending True Hope in rural Appalachia.  

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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