Seasons Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

I trust that this Christmas Greeting finds you at Peace…Hope Filled…And ready to celebrate the Greatest Christmas Gift Of All…The Birth of The Christ Child Jesus.

I wanted to share with you several very special comments we have received at The Hope in recent days; from some of our Mission Of Hope Friends who were able to go on some of our Christmas Delivery Trips.  Every Delivery Trip was extremely special and I know that each Program Team could share heart touching stories, from each of their Blessed Events.

FROM Yvette J.
\”Today, I went with the MOH to Burchfield School.  I have yet to go on a MOH Trip when I wasn\’t the one who ended up receiving the Blessing.  Well today was no different.  My first precious Child or shall I say a Tween; was an 8th Grade Girl and she greeted me with a huge hug and then she handed me a very special letter.  Wow; I really had to hold back the tears, as she touched me so much.  Later in the day, I got to talk with the Principal and she helped me understand something that made this even more special.  This young lady\’s Family has had a really tough time and that she has a lot going on in her life right now.  With some perfume and lip gloss and nail polish; I watched her smile and then she gave me a hug.  What do I call this smile?…A smile of God\’s Precious Love, giving Hope to a Child who otherwise might have none; during a time of year when we should let the Baby Jesus\’s Birth; shine thru us…By showing His Love.\”

FROM Nancy R.
\”Once again we had a most wonderful trip to Right Fork School.  The Kids were so excited.  We were able to take 10 UT Cheerleaders and Smokey & Smokey Jr. with us.  We had a bus load of Helpers and our Youth Minister brough Kids along with us as well.  Every year, I think its the best Program yet.  The Students loved our program and gave us hugs of love and special Thank You letters as well.  One Studetn who had been at the School for years; came up and told us how much they appreciated the Mission Of Hope and their Program\’s over the years there.  When it was time to leave, the Principal and I shared tears of joy; as she told me how much they appreciated us, and how we shared the True Meaning of Christmas…Jesus\’s Birth.
The day was perfect…The weather was perfect…And God was there with us.  What a Blessing for us all.\”

FROM JudithM.
\”The Teams had safe travels, in spite of the heavy rain and fog.  Our Church and the Mission Of Hope; provided wonderful items that we got to give out to the Children.  The Word Players performed The Christmas Story; at Mountain View School.  Judy G.  crocheted beautiful scarves; for each School Staff Member.  We are very grateful to all of the Volunteers and our Truck Driver; for all of their help unloading and helping set up for our Program.  Steve J. and Bobby M.; did an outstanding job acknowledging the Stay In School – Pledge To Graduate Program; that Mission Of Hope began last Fall, when the new School Year began.  We are Blessed to serve our Lord Jesus Christ…And His community.\”

\”AND THEN IT WAS CHRISTAS\”  By Emmette Thompson – December 1998

And then it was Christmas; when on a cold wintry night…
The Christ Child was born; under a star filled sky so bright.

And then it was Christmas; when God looked down from Above…
On the World He\’d Created; and to which He had sent His Son.

And now it is Christmas; that most wonderful time of the year…
When friends and loved ones gather; to create meories with laughter and cheer.

I wish for you this Christmas; a most Joyous and Blessed Holiday…
And that you cherish the Greatest Gift of all; the Christ Child\’s Birthday.

May the wonderful Spirit of Christmas, wrap its arms around you and your Family and your Hope filled hearts.  Thank You and Merry Christmas…From all of us at The Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission Of Hope

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