Outreach and evangelism.

On March 29th, Mission of Hope partnered with ALQI to provide a Give Away Event in Oneida. This week we received the sweetest recap and thank you from Kathy West at ALQI:

\”As always this was another successful Outreach event with our wonderful friends from Mission of Hope. Many families and individuals were served with clothing, hygiene products, first aid supplies, food, Bibles, tracts, and love. A total of 37+ volunteers served 300 families representing 932 individuals at the Boys & Girls Club of the Cumberland Plateau on March 29, 2019.

This was our 5th Outreach Giveaway! In only 3 hours EVERYTHING was given away with the exception of about a dozen garbage bags of clothing (which ALQI will use for its clothing ministry) and several boxes of chips (which were left for the Boys & Girls Club to use this week during Spring Break). Although lots and lots of clothing was taken home, once again food and hygiene were the treasured commodities of the day. The thought of our neighbors being hungry burdens our hearts; but we are also very blessed with brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to give of their time, money, and efforts to help those in need – and always spreading the HOPE! A nice addition to this year’s event were bicycles given away every 15 minutes as door prizes. What a blessing this event is to our community. THANK YOU, Mission of Hope Knox!\”

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